Character Voiced By
GeeKeR Billy West
Lady MacBeth Cree Summer
Dr. Maston Charles Adler
Mister Moloch Jim Cummings
Will and Jake Dragonn Jim Cummings & Charles Adler
Noah Brad Garrett

Welcome to the



Welcome to overcrowding! Pollution! Crime! Five hundred home shopping channels! Yes, you heard right. It's worse than you ever imagined. FIVE HUNDRED HOME SHOPPING CHANNELS. The human mind cannot bear such untrammeled terror.

In the future, there are two simple rules to remember:



Mister Moloch is the CEO of Moloch Industries, the giga-corporation which owns and operates most of the Earth (not to mention the moon, mars, and most of the more upscale parts of the asteroid belt). Moloch is one small step from world domination. And that's a step he's eager to take.

In order to achieve his goal of total conquest, Moloch initiated Project GKR (Geno-Kinetic Research). Helmed by the brilliant but unstable Doctor Maston, the aim of Project GKR was to create the perfect corporate warrior; an artificial human with fantastic powers, whom Moloch could use to crush all who opposed him.

Project GKR succeeded beyond Moloch's wildest dreams, resulting in a synthetic man - known as "Geeker" - with complete control over his own molecular structure. Geeker had power enough to destroy the world... or conquer it, for Moloch.

But before Geeker could receive the programming which would enable him to control his powers and make him a slave to Moloch's will, he was stolen by a streetwise thief named Lady MacBeth, who was aided by an intelligent dinosaur named Noah. Lady MacBeth and Noah thought they were stealing a device they could sell on the black market. But when they opened the canister they had stolen, instead of some new high-tech weapon, they found Geeker.

Without his final programming, Geeker was innocent and childlike; possessing fantastic powers but largely unable to control them. Noah and Lady MacBeth - whom Geeker promptly nicknamed "Becky" - realized they had something incredibly valuable on their hands. But they also realized that neither of them were hard-hearted enough to sell a human being.

It was clear that Moloch meant to use Geeker to destroy anyone standing between him and world conquest - probably starting with Becky and Noah. Moloch would stop at nothing to get Geeker back. Becky and Noah had no choice but to keep Moloch from capturing Geeker at all costs.

Now Geeker, Becky and Noah are on the run from Moloch. They ought to be doomed, really, just the three of them against the awesome forces of Moloch Industries. But soon, Moloch will learn the truth of that old saying:



gkr_ico.png (2136 bytes)GEEKER, Voiced by Billy West

GeeKeR has the ultimate power: total control of his physical structure. He can assume any shape, taking on the abilities of anything he morphs into. But GeeKeR has an utter lack of FOCUS. He's like a random numbers generator, his mind always going off on tangents even in the midst of danger. Typical GeeKeR dialogue:


GeeKeR! The nanodroids are attacking! What'll we do?!


I like marmalade!

GeeKeR's mastery of his structure should make it possible for him to do virtually anything; restructure his brain into a resonating antenna, giving him telekinetic powers; convert mass to energy and project beams of almost unlimited force; etc. His powers should be almost beyond human comprehension, except for one thing: Lady MacBeth stole him before he got the programming which would tell him how his powers work. GeeKeR can change shape, and sometimes some other strange talents manifest themselves, but he has limited control over these abilities.

Since GeeKeR's form is controlled by his mind, his body follows his random whims, assuming a bizarre variety of shapes. He is often oblivious to this. When panicked, GeeKeR may lose control of his body and turn into a helpless puddle of goo. In this state, his already limited mental cohesion disintegrates and he babbles like a bad beat poet, spouting things like, "Where is Tuesday for the pantry walrus? My waffle is Napoleon!"

GeeKeR tries hard to be "like normal people", which is extremely important to him. For instance, in his effort to be "normal", the four-fingered GeeKeR is always trying to grow a fifth finger. But while three, six, or twenty-seven are easy for him, he can never quite manage five.

bcky_ico.png (4300 bytes)LADY MACBETH, Voiced by Cree Summer

Lady MacBeth - or "Becky", as GeeKeR calls her - is so laden with biomechanisms that she's more machine than human. She is a tough, unfeeling mercenary without a trace of warmth on the surface. But beneath Becky's hard exterior beats a soft and mushy human heart; a heart which has been touched by GeeKeR's innocence (though she'd never admit it).

Becky is tougher than a truckstop steak, stronger than a rino's breath, and more hardboiled than fifty Spillane detectives. But for all her tough talk about looking out for number one, GeeKeR can always convince her to fight for the underdog. And no one fights like Becky. With her biomechanical muscles and her multi-purpose biomechanical arm (which includes such features as buzzsaw blades, gas canisters and a grappling hook), Becky could take out a Panzer division without breaking a sweat.

drm_ico.png (4436 bytes)Dr. Maston, Voiced by Charles Adler

The early experiments of the brilliant but unstable Dr. Maston misfired horribly. Not only is he a half-human, half-mastodon monstrosity, but he relies on an elaborate life-support system to keep him alive. Maston dangles like an overripe fruit from an Anti-Gravity unit, connected to it by a network of tubes and wires. Maston supervised Project GKR. Now his primary goal in life is to recapture GeeKeR, his "masterwork". Maston is the opposite of the emotionless Moloch; short-tempered, vociferously egomaniacal, self-indulgent and petulant. When Maston doesn't get what he wants - or when his genius is questioned - he flies into a rage like a spoiled child denied his favorite toy. Maston is the only one who comes even remotely close to understanding how GeeKeR works. But, though he would deny it, even Maston isn't quite sure what the limits of GeeKeR's powers are.

mlc_ico.png (3227 bytes)Mister Moloch, Voiced by Jim Cummings

Suave, slick, and always immaculately dressed, Moloch is the personification of corporate evil; a heartless sociopath interested only in profit. He is always cool and collected, and rarely shows even the tiniest bit of emotion, which is somehow more menacing than if he raged like a maniac. He is obsessed with recapturing GeeKeR, whom he considers his ticket to world domination. Moloch will let nothing stand in his way.

drgn_ico.png (3713 bytes)Will and Jake Dragonn, Voiced by Jim Cummings and Charles Adler

Mr. Moloch's twin henchmen, Will and Jake Dragonn, are huge, half-human, half-dragon thugs. In contrast to their brutish looks, the brothers are very finicky about their appearance, always careful to keep their trousers pressed and their hankies crisp. They remain ever-so-polite and well-mannered even as they savagely crush anyone who opposes them.

Noah, Voiced by Brad Garrett

Noah is one of earth's many dinosaurs. You see, the dinosaurs never actually became extinct; they just hid. Far beneath the surface, these intelligent reptiles developed a sophisticated culture (once they had stopped eating each other). When the dinos first came out of hiding, fearful humans hunted them like animals. So, though their existence is now known to humanity, the dinos generally stay in their underground city, Dinopolis, the location of which is closely guarded as secret. Noah is one of the few dinos who lives above the surface. Because of this, people tend to be a little alarmed when they see him, say, hanging out in the mall. Of our lead trio, Noah is by far the most intelligent and logical and the quickest to point out how utterly doomed they are ninety percent of the time. He also loves breath mints! "Best thing the humans ever invented."