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This is where you can look at drawings of mine. I've done a lot more, but have only put up the best. The most recent pieces are at the top.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

If you would like to use these drawings somewhere, please contact me so I can provide you with higher-quality versions.

tcrocs1.png (17281 bytes) This crockydile misses his mama...
tcrocs2.png (11379 bytes) Some things look alike to the stupid.
tcrocs3.png (21576 bytes) A dangerous game, but I'm sure it's not the most.
thulktoo.png (9994 bytes) Tattoo sketches for my friend, who wanted a Hulk that loosely resembled the Lou Ferrigno version.
tslysafe.png (17080 bytes) Sly Cooper cracking a safe, on the package of my application to Sucker Punch.
tqwarkmail.png (25819 bytes) Drawing of Captain Qwark on the package of my application to Insomniac Games.
theadsleep.png (30146 bytes) "Get off my head, Gir!"
tjimnosuit.png (6183 bytes) Earthworm Jim without his suit.
tzimscream.png (6710 bytes) Zim is so eeeeevil!
tshadowgrind.png (28044 bytes) Another request by one of my mom's students.
tvotepost.png (8646 bytes) Zim campaigns to the masses. (300dpi Poster Here)
tgirpost.png (3650 bytes) Moose! (300dpi Poster Here)
tesl1.png (6054 bytes) I recently dropped by my Mom's elementary classroom and held a drawing session with the kids. These are a few requests I took.

Request #1

tesl2.png (5350 bytes) Request #2
tesl3.png (7708 bytes) Request #3
tesl4.png (3944 bytes) Request #4
tesl5.png (5453 bytes) Request #5
thands.png (2328 bytes) Various cartoon hands in many gestures
tteam.png (9536 bytes) Sonic & Tails!
tjeans.png (2305 bytes) "Jeans" pencil drawing. Old class assignment.
tconfrontlarge.png (7063 bytes) Scene for SRB2 introduction sequence
tintro7big.png (5578 bytes) Another scene for SRB2 introduction sequence
tintrobg2.png (3509 bytes) And yet another scene for SRB2 introduction sequence

Background by David Spencer

tstand.png (3344 bytes) I won't stand for this!
tkuandssn.png (5078 bytes) "Sonic & Knuckles" Parody
tcard1.png (5956 bytes) Page 1 of a Birthday card
tcard2.png (2960 bytes) Page 2 of aformentioned Birthday card
thorrible.png (28770 bytes) This was a nice addition to the window of my school apartment as another semester begins.

Big poster printable version here.

tzimturn.png (3836 bytes) Zim turns
traise.png (2596 bytes) Hi!
tletsgo.png (3110 bytes) Let's Go!
tlazy.png (25199 bytes) A request I did for someone. Sonic is... loafing and stuffing himself with peppermint patties. O_o
tposter.png (20478 bytes)  

Zim poster of DOOM! Done in watercolor.

Big poster printable version here.

tbabysonic.png (9398 bytes) Baby Sonic used in Sonic Team Junior (Johnny hates those beanies!)
tknuckles.png (9740 bytes) Knuckles!
All the vile humans down in earth-ville loved Christmas... but Zim did not!
girduatethumb.png (2054 bytes) Something GIR will never do.... Graduate!
ssnbeyond2.png (3628 bytes) Tails in the Batmobile from Batman Beyond.
tsbehold.png (3102 bytes) Ooohh.....
tsfall.png (2848 bytes) Falliiiiiing!
tszoom.png (3049 bytes) Sonic Zoom!
txmas.png (3098 bytes) Santa Sonic!
tttada.png (2619 bytes) Tails puts on a Broadway show.
ttbedtime.png (2724 bytes) All ready for bedtime!
tartiste.png (2660 bytes) Tails gets artsy-fartsy!
tmuzak.png (2626 bytes) Play that funky music, fox boy!
tlookout.png (3687 bytes) Aaah! Look out!


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