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Located on this page you'll find the various songs I've re-mixed/mastered on my Korg X5DR and Yamaha SW60XG. If you've come for headbanging techno, this isn't the place, since all my songs are either true to the original, or non-dance/techno. There's way too much of that around. I'm always doing new ones, so check back often! The latest songs are posted at the bottom of each category.

All songs are in OGG Vorbis format.

What is OGG?

OGG is a free audio codec without the legal problems of MP3. It also makes higher quality files at smaller sizes, which means less download time for you!

Windows Media Player/DirectShow Plugin

Winamp 2.x Plugin

All original MIDI sequencers are credited where applicable in the file tag

Megaman X Series

Title Size Download
Armored Armadillo 1.40mb Download
Boomer Kuwanger 1.69mb Download
Battle Intro 362kb Download
Boss Stage 1 2.21mb Download
Chill Penguin 1.11mb Download
Ending (Mountain cliff) 1.40mb Download
Highway Credits 2.44mb Download
Launch Octopus 1.24mb Download
Maverick Intro 105kb Download
Sigma Battle 1 1.01mb Download
Storm Eagle 927kb Download
Vile's Theme 687kb Download
Zero's Death 1.58mb Download
Bubble Crab (X2) 1.29mb Download
Crystal Snail (X2) 1.23mb Download
Magna Centipede (X2) 1.05mb Download
Sigma Battle 1 (X2) 1.14mb Download
Wheel Gator (X2) 726kb Download

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Rockman & Forte

Title Size Download
Auto's Shop 1.12mb Download
Boss Battle 1.10mb Download
Burner Man 1.30mb Download
Cold Man 1.73mb Download
Dynamo Man 3.77mb Download
Ground Man 1.36mb Download
King's Castle 1.51mb Download
Pirate Man 1.64mb Download
Robot Museum 1.41mb Download
Tengu Man 1.35mb Download
Wily's Station 830kb Download

Megaman Series

Title Size Download
MegaMan 1 - Bomb Man 982kb Download
MegaMan 1 - Cut Man 1.20mb Download
MegaMan 1 - Elec Man 1.90mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Air Man 1.22mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Bubble Man 1.21mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Crash Man 2.14mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Flash Man 1.11mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Heat Man 727kb Download
MegaMan 2 - Introduction 1.12mb Download
MegaMan 2 - Wily's Fortress Part 1 3.03mb Download
MegaMan 3 - Intro 1.61mb Download
MegaMan 3 - Protoman Theme 1.64mb Download
MegaMan 5 - Napalm Man 1.36mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Bass Theme 2.08mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Cloud Man 2.67mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Dr. Light 1.64mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Freeze Man 1.79mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Intro Stage 1.45mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Shade Man 1.30mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Spring Man 1.46mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Turbo Man 1.05mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Wily Theme 1.48mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Wily's Station 1 ????mb Coming Soon
MegaMan 7 - Wily's Station 2 2.24mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Wily's Station 3 1.46mb Download
MegaMan 7 - Wily's Station 4 848kb Download


Sonic the Hedgehog

Title Size Download
Sonic 1 - Green Hill Zone 1.43mb Download
Sonic 1 - Labyrinth Zone 1.02mb Download
Sonic 1 - Marble Zone ????mb Coming Soon
Sonic 1 - Spring Yard Zone ????mb Coming Soon
Sonic 1 - Star Light Zone 1.27mb Download
Sonic 2 - Aquatic Ruin Zone 1.23mb Download
Sonic 2 - Casino Night Zone 1.68mb Download
Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone 1.58mb Download
Sonic 2 - Emerald Hill Zone 1.08mb Download
Sonic 2 - Mystic Cave Zone 1.86mb Download
Sonic 3 - Launch Base Zone Act 1 712kb Download
Sonic 2 - Oil Ocean Zone 1.31mb Download
Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg Act 1 1.06mb Download
Sonic & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone 1.68mb Download
Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Act 1 1.24mb Download
Sonic Adventure 2 - Hero Chao Race (MIDI) ????mb Coming Soon


Title Size Download
Goldeneye 007 - Frigate 3.42mb Download
Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past - Woods 539kb Download
Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks 2.71mb Download
TMNT 4 - Alleycat Blues 1.17mb Download
TMNT 4 - Sewer Surfin' 1.25mb Download
TMNT 4 - Technodrome Elevator 929kb Download
Yarharhar - Funk Factory 1.41mb Download


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