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This is just a collection of little games and things I've done.


Or rather, what I'm DOING:

*The Biggie*


This doesn't need an explanation. Go to the site.

The Wizard Needs Food, Badly!

An ongoing experiment at creating 3D engines from scratch.


Old Stuff

Sonic Doom 1

My first game/modification. Took Jeff Read's tiny Sonic Doom mod and built upon it by leaps and bounds. It might be old, but it's still hilarious to play.

Sonic Doom 2

The second in the series and including over 27 sonic-esque levels, this got surprisingly far until SRB2 came along (see above).

Mars Attacks Doom

Tiny little Doom mod I made which replaces sounds, but that's about it.

GeeKeR Doom

Go on an insanity rampage as GeeKeR!

Sonic Quake

Created during the same era as Sonic Doom 2, this was quickly stopped due to the level of difficulty. Worth a look, anyway.

Sonic Surfin'

Small CnC thing I slapped together after playing TMNT4.

Wood Zone

This was the first Click Sonic game to feature Tails flying, and you could also carry Sonic. Just a simple little thing.

Sonic Crackers PC

Why did I make this? I probably just got bored.

Sonic X-Treme 2D

Showcases the Sonic X-Treme sprites released by Ross Harris.

Hidden Palace 1

Created before the finding of the Sonic 2 Beta ROM, I reconstructed the Hidden Palace from what I thought it might look at. For what I did, it's SCARILY accurate.

Hidden Palace 2

Created AFTER the finding of the Sonic 2 Beta ROM. No similarities in level design whatsoever, and shows off the flying used in Wood Zone, and also bobbing water. Never finished, you have to fly down as Tails with Sonic to see the water.

Sonic & Knuckles Tennis

With two people this can be fun for about 15 minutes. If you get upset with your opponent, you can also cross the net and f'wap 'im one. ;)

Knuckles' Knockout!

My oldest creation, I no longer have any incarnation of this to share with you. It's too bad, since this was actually pretty decent. You could have three contestants playing at once (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles), and you'd fight one another, Sonic-style, through 3 zones.

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